Welcome to THE PORTAL TED KING ONLINE @ an online resource to American actor Ted King. Best known for his roles of Lorenzo Alcazar on the ABC soap opera General Hosptial and as Inspector Andy Treudeau on the WB supernatural series Charmed. Ted has also appeared in the soap operas One Life To Live as Tomas Delgado and in Loving & The City as Danny Roberts, and in the ABC short-lived series Timecop as Officer Jack Logan, Prison Break as the mysterious Downey, and the films The X-Files: Fight the Future, Hoodlum & Son, Alpha House, and Shouting Secrets. Ted's other credits include, Fraiser, CSI: Miami, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Sex and the City, JAG, and Dawson's Creek. If you are a long-time fan of Ted's or a novice, THE TED KING PORTAL should be your place to come first for all the news concerning Ted's past and future work. Thanks for visiting.
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Ted King Is Holding Court In Llanview And Loving Life As A New Dad
By Danielle McClure
Original Source: [ SOAP OPERA DIGEST ]


Birthday: October 1 1965
Also Known As: Luis/Lorenzo Alcazar, (GH 2002; 2003-07); Danny Roberts, LOVING/THE CITY (1995-97)
He Put A Ring On It: King married Maya Rodwell on September 14, 2008.
Family Man: Daughter Ava Celeste was born October 15, 2010. “My wife picked the name Ava out of thin air and we both loved it. The name Celeste comes from a very special place that we found on our honeymoon in Costa Rica [Río Celeste Spings]. It’s unbelievable.”
Role Playing: “I loved the Alcazar brothers and loved playing them, but I din’t want to do that again. I wanted to do something different, and this guy is very different! He’s a complicated character, which makes it great for me because there are a lot of layers to play.”
New York’s Finest: “One of my favourite pizza places is Patsy’s. It’s really good and just true New York style pizza with fantastic crust.”
Roomies King shares a dressing room at OLTL with Brian Kerwin (Charlie). “He said, ‘Do whatever you want!’ He’s done nothing [to decorate], so i’m going to take him up on that and tack some art on the walls and get something to play music in here.”

Ted King is clearly excited to be back in New York City. The actor, who jump-started his career in the Big Apple with the role of LOVING’s Danny in 1995, has seen a lot of changes, both personally and professionally, since then, including Tinseltown detour. “I got trapped in Los Angeles,” he jokes. “It’s a very seductive place. I think Bette Midler said it best: ‘People come to Los Angeles, fall asleep by the pool and wake up 15 years later and wonder what the hell they’ve done!'”

King wasn’t just working on his tan, though. He racked up several prime-time credits — among them a starring role in the short-lived series TIMECOP, appearing as a regular on CHARMED in 1998 and, of course, his Soap Opera Digest Award-Winning turn as dastardly, ill-fated Alcazar brothers.

Caught during a spare hour in a very busy day at the set, King admits it’s still a bit surreal being in the same building (and across the hall from) where LOVING/THE CITY used to tape. “There are so many of the crew and people that I worked with before that are still here. Ilene [Kristin, Roxy; ex-Norma, LOVING] and I had a nice sit-down one day. there are security guards that are still here and they’re all just lovely people. It feels pretty special. I’m really enjoying myself.” But, he laughs, “I haven’t had a lot of time to go to places I used to, because those were from my single life, primarily, and life isn’t the same.”

KIng’s decision to join ONE LIFE TO LIVE — and move across the country for the gig — was made easier, in part, by the support of his wife, Maya, and ICU nurse and New York native. The couple met while King was nearing the end of his GH run. “I came to New York during Thanksgiving and went to a friend of mine’s restaurant in the East Village,” he recalls. “This beautiful woman cam ein and she was friends with the owner’s wife. I’d known this couple that was running this restaurant for years, but [their friend and i had] never crossed paths before. We sent around the corner, had a drink and sat and talked until about 6 in the morning,” he smiles. “It was pretty electric. You hear that old saying that you will know, and I really did.”

She eventuall relocated to L.A.; then, after his GH departure, King took time off to focus on his relationship. “I think I just sort of needed to decompress,” he explains. As for GH, “I had a nice exit from teh show in terms of the storyline. Then I got a call a couple of months later to come back and the storyline wasn’t right. There was no reason for me to come back at that point. It was done.”

Two years after their 2008 nuptials, the Kings welcomed daughter Ava Celeste, who is now 5 months old — and the apple of her father’s eye. “My daughter is pretty spectacular,” King smiles. “I’m crazy about her. She’s very healthy. She’s not too difficult. I love the mornings with her, because I get the chance to get her up. She’s always got a big smile on her face and we get to hang out for a while. We read books. It’s been too cold, but I can’t wait to just sit her in Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park and play with her in the grass.”

Having a baby girl, however, took some getting used to. “I was raised by women, primarily, but I don’t know anything about little girls!” King chuckles. “it’s been an education. I’ve picked out a few outfits. She’s got a really cool David Bowie T-shirt!” Being a father suits the actor. “I’m ready ready for it,” he nods. “You have to find the right person first as a partner and then the rest falls into place.” And they’re already thinking about expanding the King clan. “We’re not setting a time on it, but that’s where we’re headed,” he says.

Factoring a newborn and a blizzard into the actor’s cross-country move was a challenge. “My wife’s family is here, so we have instant support for our baby, which is really, really helpful. We’re taking it day by day now. We’re enjoying it, but it’s much harder [than raising a child in L.A.], no question.”

With a plum new role, a beautiful baby daughter and a return to New York, King has come full circle in a way, which suits him just fin. “I’ve enjoyed the gypsy lifestyle; that’s a big reason why I got into acting,” he reflects. “To go from daytime to prime-time to films to theater? I’ve been able to do all that and it’s made me a better person, I think, in the longrun. Sitting behind a desk is difficult for sure!”

What A View!

In January, King sat down the ladies of THE VIEW (with wife Maya and baby Ava in the audience). “It was a good experience, but it could’ve been a disaster!” he says of the experience. “You never know with a newborn. She could’ve been wailing or burping or something.” King also experienced some déjà vu when he was on the set. “That’s where LOVING and THE CITY shot, in the studio where they are now,” he explains. “For the first, at least year after THE CITY was canceled, they used the old set as their set, so everytime I would turn on THE VIEW, I would see the set I used to work on! It was bizarre, but they’ve since changed all that.”