Welcome to THE PORTAL TED KING ONLINE @ an online resource to American actor Ted King. Best known for his roles of Lorenzo Alcazar on the ABC soap opera General Hosptial and as Inspector Andy Treudeau on the WB supernatural series Charmed. Ted has also appeared in the soap operas One Life To Live as Tomas Delgado and in Loving & The City as Danny Roberts, and in the ABC short-lived series Timecop as Officer Jack Logan, Prison Break as the mysterious Downey, and the films The X-Files: Fight the Future, Hoodlum & Son, Alpha House, and Shouting Secrets. Ted's other credits include, Fraiser, CSI: Miami, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Sex and the City, JAG, and Dawson's Creek. If you are a long-time fan of Ted's or a novice, THE TED KING PORTAL should be your place to come first for all the news concerning Ted's past and future work. Thanks for visiting.
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Posted On: September 06, 2010 || Author: Ted King Online

There is a new layout …. finally. If you’ve been viewing this homepage, you might have noticed that the posts have been changing appearance. I’ve been busy copying the posts over from the Cutenews CMS over to this WordPress system. I think it looks infinitely better than the previous layout did. It’s cleaner and more secure. I hope it’ll make for a more fluid design. I’m hoping to add more pages to the site and transfer the previous pages over to this new design. Please be …. you know the drill. I’m also in the process of updating the Gallery design. I’m also hoping to get adding to the press section, or lack thereof. But for the most part, there is FINALLY a new layout. I hope you like it. I know I do.

Yours, Dianne

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Posted On: August 13, 2010 || Author: Ted King Online

I know there has been no updates and no news for a while from your ‘dedicated’ webmaster. I’ve been working on other things not Ted, and I’m very sorry for that. I know I’ve let Ted’s fans down and the site down, but I wanted to let you know I’m going to be working on a new layout and new content management system for keeping track of the posts and general layout of the site. As you can see, I’ve updated the look and feel of the gallery. The thumbnails and database have been improved and the front page has a new look as far as the arrangement of the various sections. The thumbnails have been sharpened and improved. I’m hoping that the new layout and CMS is done and up next week. The main site and gallery banners are done, the only thing left now is the coding. That has taken some time to complete as I’m still feeling my way around the new pages and such. You’ll know when the new content is up as t he site will look vastly different. I’m also planning a new look for the media site. After all the changes take place, I’ll be spending some time in trying to get up some more screencaps from CHARMED, TIMECOP and Ted’s other work. I also have better HQ screencaps from Ted’s episodes of PRISON BREAK, I’m also trying to figure out how I’m going to set up the press section. So please be patient. I’m working on it.

Thanks for understanding.

Yours, Dianne

Posted On: November 08, 2009 || Author: Ted King Online

Hi. I know there hasn’t been any updates for a while. I also know that I don’t have Ted’s last couple of episodes of PRISON BREAK up in either the gallery or THE PORTAL MEDIA SITE, and for that, I’m sorry. I just have been concentrating on my TAMARA OBSCURA site Hurley at EVE has folded her site after six years and given me the lion’s share of her content. I’ve been spending the time trying to take stock of everything and get it up at the gallery at TO. When that is done, I’m planning on doing a complete overhaul of THE PORTAL with new banners and layout. I’m also hoping to get the other sections up…but slowly, If anyone has any information about Ted that I can use for the biography section, please feel free to pass it onto me at: TED KING BIO INFO. Please include a source when providing your information.

Thanks for understanding and don’t loose hope. This site will be together soon.

Yours, Dianne

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Posted On: June 09, 2009 || Author: Ted King Online

More news of Ted’s iminent return to the role of Lorenzo Alcazar to GENERAL HOSPITAL. On the heels of the departure of Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) comes news that Ted has been spotted in the building, spurring rumors of his return. Soap Central has the article here:

[ LINK ]Is Ted King returning to General Hospital

My own personal opinion: I think Ted would be nutty to return. With Rick Hearst being dropped down to recurring considering his tenure then eventual leaving (he’s since signed with The Bold and the Beautiful), and that Ric Lansing was never allowed a storyline outside of being Sonny’s brother, I’m reminded of something Ted said in one of his exit interviews with Soap Opera Weekly:

“I don’t think so, to be honest with you. I really don’t. Because there have been times where there’s a storyline there for a couple of months, something different, and they it always goes back to my role being opposite Sonny. There’s never an opportunity for my character to just go off and set up his own thing in Port Charles. Sonny doesn’t have to be an issue, but he always is. And really, what’s the reason? Sonny didn’t kill his brother (Luis Alcazar), Sonny didn’t kill his son (Diego), and Sonny didn’t kill his niece (Sage). He lost three people in this town, and Sonny didn’t kill any of them. Yet he’s always angry at Sonny. It doesn’t make any sense to me. At some point, I’ve got to go…. I had to take a long, hard look at what I’m doing on the show, and I did. I need to get out. This is not making me happy.”

I think the operative word in all of this is Sonny. Would Lorenzo actually be allowed a story outside of Sonny and Jason? Likely not. Given that Jason carried out the hit on Lorenzo at Sonny’s insistence, it’s more than likely Lorenzo would come back with a huge chip on his shoulder for Sonny and Jason, hence, back into the fire. Considering too that Ted just came off a successful run on PRISON BREAK, I seriously doubt that GENERAL HOSPITAL is the only offer Ted’s received. Consideration #2, that Robert Guza Jr. is incapable of crafting an intricate story not including Jason or Sonny and that he as well as Jill Farren Phelps, and Brian “BS” Frons give the hook to get the actor to sign/re-sign, then lie and do the turnabout (can anyone say Groundbreaking Lesbian Love Story), I’d pretty much say the writing in on the wall way before Ted would be signing on the dotted line.

The above is solely my take on the current state of affairs on daytime television and bear no relation to Ted or any of his decisions.

Posted On: June 04, 2009 || Author: Ted King Online

This one gets filed in the uncategorized because I’m not sure about it. According to many sources on the internet, Ted’s going to be returning to GENERAL HOSPITAL this summer. This was on Dayitme Confidential‘s spec page. According to other rumors I’m hearing about this, it says that Alcazar will return and shoot Jake, Jason’s son by Liz in cold blood. I highly doubt Ted would sign back up to do this storyline. With Alcazar’s history with children, the child he delivered at Kelly’s, the birth of Morgan, and Lila’s birth…. I seriously doubt the Alcazar we know and love would do this.

On another note, I’m sorry that I haven’t had up the last episode of PRISON BREAK, but I’ve been very busy of late and just haven’t had the time to do so. When I get them done, they’ll be here. Again, so sorry.

Posted On: May 09, 2009 || Author: Ted King Online

Looks like PRISON BREAK is winding down to a thrilling finale. Everyone is in deep doo-doo. Christina and Downey have Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and Michael (Wentworth Miller) has to choose between saving Linc, or Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies.) and their baby. Momma is really amping up the tension, and to think I boned up for Friday’s episode by watching the delightful Kathleen Quinlan in the Ron Howard film APOLLO 13 where she played Marilyn Lovell, wife of astronaut Jim Lovell (played in the film by Tom Hanks.) It does appear there is only the two parter left to the series. Funny, because IMDB has two more episodes for June. One is called The Old Ball And Chain and Free, both to air on 02 June 2009. My apologies to Sarah for any ill feelings she might be feeling toward me, but I’m only going by what I read. IF these are to be the final episodes, not sure if Ted will be in them.

A word about images on this site. Though they don’t belong to me, I have tagged them as coming from this website. Why? I’ve noticed them being taken and others taking credit for my work. I don’t mind you taking them, however, all I ask is that you credit this site as the place where you got them. It takes up to one hour to screencap an average episode, and though it may not seem like much work, it is. Please don’t make me have to make the gallery private, or have to put some kind of a watermark over the image in such a way as it interferes with the enjoyment of them. I also have a way to block your IP so you won’t be able to view the site at all. Please don’t make me have to do this.

All I have for you right now are the screencaps from this last episode. I’ll have the clip up at THE PORTAL: TED KING MEDIA sometime later today (Saturday) or sometime Sunday. I’ll be taking my mother out for breakfast early Sunday morning as it’s Mother’s Day, and I won’t have time until later…that is if I don’t get it clipped up today. That’s just the heads up. I’ll edit this post with the clip.


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